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Terms of Service

We strongly advise that all clients read and familiarize themselves with the following terms and conditions before opening an account with us. It shall be deemed that by opening an account with us that you have read and completely understood all the terms and conditions below.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We stand by our service level and offer all clients a 30 day period to evaluate our hosting operations. This period begins the first day of hosting and ends exactly thirty days after. If between that period any valued client wishes to no longer continue hosting with us and take advantage of the guarantee, all we require is a letter, fax, or email message with the client's name, domain, and reason for leaving. All requests will be honored. We also guarantee, should any valued client want to take advantage of this offer, that the refund will be provided within 30 days of receiving the request and the refund be provided by either check, chargeback, or another method agreed upon by both HostingCow.com and client. Refund extends to include all payments made to HostingCow.com, including but not limited to setup fee, basic cost of hosting plan, and addons. This guarantee is offered for hosting only. It does not extend to other services or products, such as domain registration, templates, and network design or maintenance. Accounts terminated for violating our Terms of Services (see Account Termination and Pornography sections below) will not be issued refunds.

Privacy Policy

Quite simply, we respect our clients privacy completely. All information submitted to HostingCow.com will be used for purposes of providing services to our valued clients and maintained avenues of contact. No information whatsoever will be given or sold to any third party for any reason or used for commercial benefit in any way. Furthermore, it is our goal to do everything in our power to make sure the information released to HostingCow.com is kept private.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

It is HostingCow.com's goal to deliver at LEAST 99.9% uptime to all customers that host with us. This uptime percentage is a monthly figure and is calculated solely by HostingCow.com's monitoring systems. If we are not able to meet the above figure, excluding circumstances out of our control, we will, on request, give credit equal to one month of hosting. Examples of circumstances out of our control: acts of the government, war, insurrection, sabotage, "Acts of God", strike or labor disturbance at the Network Operations Center that our servers reside, service interruption or delay caused by a third party telecommunications company, Telco failure, external routing issues not local to our network, backbone peering issues, DNS issues not caused by our staff, systems, or network, DoS, network floods and attacks, client's misconduct resulting in damage or delay or similar. The last exception is scheduled downtime. All servers may go down once a month, at the beginning of each month, for a mandatory reboot which takes no more than 5 minutes. This monthly reboot will never be announced. All other scheduled downtime, necessitated by an upgrade or similar, will be announced on the News section of the HostingCow.com website prior to occurance.


We do not offer our services to any client who deals in pornographic material. If we find you are operating a website that hosts pornographic material, your account will be terminated without refund, with notification.


All invoices for services rendered or products sold by HostingCow.com are delivered electronically, and as such it is soley the client's responsibility to keep their email addresses updated. HostingCow.com is not responsible for communications not received by clients who have failed to do so and is not to be held liable in any form for any costs or damages caused by mistaken or outdated contact details.


HostingCow is responsible for securing its servers, but it is solely the client's responsibility to maintain their website's security by keeping their website's software consistantly patched and updated. Clients who fail to secure their software, if it is deemed their actions might cause harm to either the web server or other clients' websites, may have their accounts terminated without refund on condition that documentation of this infraction be provided to the client. Just as it is not HostingCow's responsilibty to secure their clients' websites' personal software, neither is HostingCow responsible for repairing any damage caused by a client's failure to secure their software, short of providing the latest site backup.


All payments made to HostingCow.com are non-fundable unless otherwise authorized by an administrator or falling without the guidelines of the money back guarantee section above. Charges for account upgrades, excess of alotted bandwidth, and similar will be billed on the following month of service. Failure to pay within 15 days of invoice will result in immediate account termination.

Account Termination

All hosting clients may terminate their accounts at any time. Terminated accounts will end on the following billing cycle (i.e. your account will be terminated on the date of your account renewal). We reserve the right to terminate a client's hosting account if we deem that it is being used maliciously or for illegal purposes. Accounts terminated by HostingCow.com under these circumstances will be cut off immediately, with written notification, without warning, and without refund.

Revisions to these Terms of Service

The administration of HostingCow.com reserves the right to make amendments or alterations to the terms and services listed herein without prior notification to existing account holders. Clients are encouraged to check back at this page from time to time for said revisions.